WHat the night has in store...

This year, the gala will be reaching new heights that you do not want to miss out on. From live entertainment, to a delicious menu, to a monumental, unforgettable venue, it will be an event to be remembered. The night will be held in the previous headquarters of the CIBC Bank, a grand hall truly fit for the most illustrious of events. The cocktail hour will be held downstairs, in the old deposit box safes that were used when the bank was still functional. Afterwards, we will be ushered upstairs, to enjoy the awe of the grand hall, while diving into a succulent meal. The night will be accentuated by two live professional performances, followed by a night of dancing. Finally, the entire night will take place under the mystery masquerade theme, where you can bring a mask of your choice, to add to the mystery of the night. If you don’t want to miss a night like no other, buy a ticket today and come join us!


Who are we?

The McGill Outreach Gala is one of two events throughout the year that focuses on raising funds in order to support the various program offered at the McGill Dental faculty that provide free dental care to communities in need. These programs not only give the faculty a chance to give back to the community as a whole, but it allows the faculty to touch and change individual lives by providing meaningful and expensive dental treatment free of cost, so that these individuals may go back to living their lives pain free. The financial support generously donated by our sponsors, as well as our patrons, make these programs possible. We are very grateful for this support.

Our Menu for the night

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A special Thanks to our generous Sponsor

Altima Dental

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Le théâtre st-james

265, Rue St-Jacques

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Tickets are now on sale!

Note that included in the price of each ticket is a 25$ donation to directly support our outreach programs! You are eligible for a tax receipt for this donation! If you wish to receive one, please indicate so in the survey while purchasing the ticket!

However, PLEASE feel free to donate more if you wish to do so!

Purchase BELOW, or on Picatic.

Email your table of 10 to:


You do not have to organize a table of 10 before buying the tickets - this can be organized after the ticket purchases have been done!

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Interested in making a donation to the Service to the community Program?

If you wish to donate in addition to the donation included in the ticket price, or simply wish to donate without purchasing a ticket, please click below!

You will be directed to the McGill Giving page in order to donate to our cause! We appreciate your generosity!


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